Which Colour Of Redmi Note 7s Is Best?

Which Colour is best for redmi Note 7 Pro?

The most sold colour of the redmi note 7 pro is the blue and white variant, so according to me you can also go for them too.

But the colour of the device should depend on your taste not of the others, so you can also go for the colour you like of the redmi note7 pro..

Does redmi note 7s support 5g?

No, it doesn’t support 5G because Redmi note 7 has snapdragon 660 processor since snapdragon 660 doesn’t support 5G.

Why redmi phone is heating?

Some third-party chargers and batteries too are responsible for heating up of smartphones. Not only batteries but chargers with different wattage too heat up the smartphones to some extent. That’s why it’s always recommended to use the original charger and batteries bought from authorized sources.

Does redmi 7s support fast charging?

So here it’s your answer redmi 7 doesn’t support fast charge it’s comes with own 10 watt charge so don’t try to use the 2.5A or fast charger to your phone it’s may destroy your battery , motherboard, IC etc etc . If this phone support fast charge compines will automatically mention on its website .

Is redmi note 7s is good for gaming?

The performance was good. The gaming with lighter games like the Temple run 2 is smooth on the Redmi Note 7S. The gaming performance with more demanding titles like PUBG is not. This is an area where the Note 7S struggles a little.

What is the cost of redmi note 7s?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7S 64GB Price in IndiaStoreDetailsPriceAmazonMi Redmi -Note 7S (Onyx Black, 64GB, 4GB RAM)Rs. 10,990FlipkartRedmi Note 7S (Sapphire Blue, 64 GB)(4 GB RAM)Rs. 11,999CromaXiaomi Redmi Note 7S (Ruby Red, 64 GB, 4 GB RAM)Rs. 12,499

Is redmi note 7s durable?

Redmi note 7 and note 7 pro both the phones are durable than any of the redmi phone( $150 – $200). If you keep your phone in your backpocket then it must be a problem but i should say that it is the most durable phone in this budget segment. … REDMI NOTE 7 is much durable to easily carry your daily use.

Which is better redmi Note 7 or note 7s?

The Redmi Note 7S comes with a better camera setup when compared to the Redmi Note 7. The Redmi Note 7S comes with 48MP + 5MP dual rear camera setup on the back panel. The phone also includes PDAF, EIS and AI Portrait Mode support. In comparison, the Redmi Note 7 includes 12MP + 2MP camera setup on the rear panel.

Does redmi note 7s have heating issues?

The Redmi Note 7S has a heating issue for sure, as the phone got warm while gaming or even using with camera indoors. The Night mode with minimal lighting results in too much noise and lack of details.

Which is better redmi 7s or 7 Pro?

— In terms of core hardware, the Redmi Note 7 Pro is better than the Redmi Note 7S. The Pro version of the Redmi Note 7 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor clocked at 2.0GHz. In comparison the Redmi Note 7S comes with Redmi Note 7 like 14nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 AIE processor clocked at 2.2GHz.

Can we play PUBG in redmi Note 7 Pro?

Redmi Note 7 Pro to get Game Turbo mode so users can play PUBG without interruption – Technology News.

Can we play PUBG in redmi Note 8?

The gameplay was buttery smooth and we did not face any problem with frame drops or lags. Interestingly, it also features Game DND mode through which users can select the option to answer calls hands-free and even restrict buttons and gestures. The gaming performance of the Redmi Note 8 Pro is certainly impressive.

How many speakers are there in redmi note 7s?

At the bottom, this phone has a USB Type-C port along with two grilles on either side, of which only the right one houses a loudspeaker. On the left, the Redmi Note 7S has a hybrid dual-SIM tray, so you’ll either be able to use two Nano-SIMs or one SIM along with a microSD card.

Does redmi note 7s has Amoled display?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7S smartphone has a IPS LCD display. It measures 159.2 mm x 75.2 mm x 8.1 mm and weighs 186 grams. The screen has a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels and 409 ppi pixel density. … Connectivity features in the smartphone include WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Volte, and more.

Is redmi Note 7 really 48mp?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro is the cheapest smartphone in the country to offer a 48-megapixel rear camera. Powered by Sony’s IMX586 sensor, Redmi Note 7 Pro also houses a 5-megapixel sensor on the back. … The smartphone by default uses 12-megapixel sensor and you need to manually enable the 48MP mode to get started.

Is redmi Note 8 Pro is good for PUBG?

To conclude, the Redmi Note 8 Pro is a good device, especially, if you consider it for gaming purpose. The whole gameplay experience is quite smooth and you can even play PUBG Mobile at high settings. The Game Turbo 2.0 gives you a plethora of options and customisable settings.

Is redmi note 7s worth buying?

Yes,it is worth buying. it is one of the best phones one can get at Rs 11,000 in India right now. The Redmi Note 7S comes with a 48MP primary camera on the back. … Interestingly the phone is priced around Rs 3,000 less than the Redmi Note 7 Pro yet sports the same camera setup as the Pro version.

Which redmi phone is best for PUBG?

Best Phone for Gaming under 20,000 INR to buy in India in 2020PhonePrice (in Indian Rupees)Redmi Note 9 Pro Max₹13,999Redmi Note 8 Pro₹14,890Vivo Z1x₹15,990Realme XT₹15,6956 more rows•Mar 20, 2020