What Are The Top 3 Condiments?

What is a healthy condiment?

Here are 20 healthy condiments that are both tasty and nutritious.Pesto.

Traditional pesto is a sauce made with fresh basil leaves, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and pine nuts.


Salsa can be a great low-calorie condiment to add to your diet.






Guacamole.More items…•.

Are pickles a condiment?

A condiment is a supplemental food, such as gravy, that is added to some foods to impart a particular flavor, enhance its flavor, or in some cultures, to complement the dish but can not stand alone as a dish, for example pickles or bacon. … This list includes notable worldwide condiments.

What good is Mayo?

Mayonnaise Recipes: It’s thick, it’s creamy, it’s rich and it goes perfectly well with bread, bagels, potatoes and sandwiches among others. It makes an excellent salad dressing and a perfect accompaniment for freshly grilled meat; it hits the spot each time.

According to a new market research report, the eggy condiment beats out ketchup as the United States’ most purchased condiment. We’re blaming Brooklyn. Our country consumes $2 billion in mayonnaise each year, Quartz reports, more than double the amount of ketchup, which rings in at $800 million.

What is the king of condiments?

KETCHUP: KING OF CONDIMENTS | American Public Television.

What is condiment give three example?

noun. The definition of a condiment is a seasoning or other edible substance used to improve the taste of food. An example of condiment is mustard. An example of condiment is pickle relish. An example of condiment is salt.

What is America’s favorite condiment?

SrirachaAmerica’s favorite condiment is Sriracha — over ketchup and mustard.

Is Vinegar a condiment?

Vinegar is used as a condiment and contains 4%–18% acetic acid. Acetate is converted into acetyl CoA and AMP by acetyl CoA synthase.

What are some examples of condiments?

Some condiments are used during cooking to add flavor or texture: barbecue sauce, compound butter, teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, and marmite and sour cream are examples. Many condiments, such as mustard or ketchup, are available in single-serving packets, commonly when supplied with take-out or fast-food meals.

Top 50 most popular sauces in the worldMeat-based Sauce. Ragù Toscano. Tuscany. Italy.Sauce. Tkemali. Georgia. Europe. … Sauce. Frankfurter Grüne Soße. Frankfurt. Germany. … Sauce. Garum. Rome. Italy. … Sauce. Velouté France. Europe. … Sauce. Toum. Lebanon. Asia. … Sauce. Guaiwei. Sichuan. China. … Sauce. Mojo de ajo. Mexico. North America. … More items…

Is honey a condiment?

A more narrow definition is that a condiment is a substance added to other foods for the purpose of giving a strong flavor or relish. Condiments usually appear on the table and are intended for individual use by the diner. … The second most common condiment is sugar or other sweeteners, such as honey or maple syrup.

What is the most versatile condiment?

mayonnaisewhat’s the most versatile condiment of them all? It’s mayonnaise, of course! It’s not all that surprising mayonnaise is such an incredibly versatile condiment when you consider what it’s made of: olive oil, egg yolk, lemon and salt.

What is the least liked condiment?

Here are my least favorite condiments.Tomato sauce.Cream cheese.Tartar sauce.Some kind of fish sauce.Mocca sauce.

What is the oldest condiment?

MustardMustard is one of the world’s oldest condiments. In the late 4th to early 5th century, the Romans were combining a mixture of ground mustard, pepper, caraway, lovage, grilled coriander seeds, dill, celery, thyme, oregano, onion, honey, vinegar, fish sauce, and oil, to be used as a glaze for wild boar.