What Are The Benefits Of Vodafone Postpaid Plans?

Which is the cheapest postpaid plan?

Reliance Jio offers the cheapest entry level postpaid plan whereas Airtel has the most expensive entry level postpaid offering.

The postpaid plans offered by the three telcos do not witness the cut-throat competition or the regular price revisions as the prepaid ones..

What is the plan of Idea postpaid?

Idea Postpaid Nirvana Plans T&CPlan Rental (Tax extra)Rs. 399Rs. 1299Voice Calls*Unlimited Local, National, RoamingSMS^^Free 100 LNR SMS, @ Rs 0.25/SMS for LNR upto 3000 SMSData (GB)40125Data Carry Forward (upto GB)2005007 more rows

What are the benefits of Vodafone postpaid?

Vodafone RED postpaid plans offer benefits like unlimited free calling, unlimited roaming and data rollover among others. The telco is also offering benefits worth up to Rs 16,000, including access to streaming services and more.

What are the benefits of postpaid?

With postpaid plans you don’t need to pay anything upfront, you get a monthly bill after you use your telecom connection. On the other hand with Prepaid, you can recharge with a fixed amount up front and only then can consume the benefits. Postpaid – You use first, and then pay later.

Which is best postpaid plan?

If you are wondering which telco operator offers the best postpaid plan priced around Rs 500, then you’re at the right place.Airtel’s Rs 499 Infinity postpaid plan. … BSNL’s competing postpaid plan. … Idea’s Rs 499 Nirvana postpaid plan. … Vodafone’s Red Entertainment+ Rs 499 postpaid plan. … Reliance Jio’s Rs 199 postpaid plan.

Is postpaid better or prepaid?

If you are a heavy user, which means you either make a lot of calls or use up a lot of data, it may be better for you to opt for a postpaid mobile plan. … Although postpaid plans generally do cost more than prepaid plans, if you actually use the extras such as free calls, it will work out to be cheaper.

Which Vodafone plan is best?

5 Best New Vodafone Idea Prepaid Recharge Plans with 1.5GB Daily Data and Up to 84 Days ValidityRs 249 Prepaid Recharge Plan.Rs 399 Prepaid Recharge Plan.Rs 599 Prepaid Recharge Plan.Rs 499 Prepaid Recharge Plan.Rs 555 Prepaid Recharge Plan.

Which network is best?

NEW DELHI: Bharti Airtel has the best 4G network in terms of data speed and video streaming while Idea takes the lead in data upload speed, according to mobile services analytics firm Opensignal.

What is difference between postpaid and prepaid?

The short answer: On a prepaid plan, you pay for your phone service upfront. On a postpaid plan, you receive a bill at the end of the month based on your usage. … Postpaid plans, meanwhile, often come with better value for money and the option to get a mobile handset included in the monthly bill.

How does Vodafone postpaid work?

On your Postpaid connection, you use the services first and pay for it later. Therefore, you need not worry about maintaining your Talktime balance. You receive a detailed bill to track your expenses, so there is no surprise abruption in the services.

Which is the best Vodafone postpaid plan?

Vodafone Red Rs. 999 postpaid plan is a family postpaid plan for five connections. This plan provides subscribers with 200GB of data and 200GB of rollover facility, unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS per day, one year of Vodafone Play subscription, Zee5 subscription, and complimentary mobile insurance.

Why postpaid is costly?

In postpaid usage, one might not pay the bill after usage. That security is a big comfort in telecom organizations. … Whereas, a postpaid user can keep using data even after the plan offering of 5 GB is exhausted. This will incur him higher cost.

Why postpaid is expensive than prepaid?

Due to these factors, companies keep postpaid plans a little costlier than prepaid plans. … Also, this ensures that only those users take postpaid connections, who are not extremely money-conscious in phone usage. As a matter of fact, average usage of postpaid customer is much higher than that of a prepaid user.

What happens if we dont pay postpaid bill?

If postpaid bill is not paid, then your sevices will get barred after some days. Company will remind you again and again to pay your bill through sms/IVR and phone calls. You will also be fined as late charges. Still, if you won’t pay at all, then recovery agencies will you until incoming remain activated.

What are the postpaid plans of Vodafone?

Read on to know what Vodafone has in store for all its postpaid subscribers.Why should you opt for Vodafone RED Postpaid Plans? … ₹598 Plan – 2 connections. … ₹749 Plan – 3 connections. … ₹999 Plan – 5 connections. … Vodafone RED Individual Plans. … ₹399 Plan. … ₹499 Plan. … ₹649 Plan.More items…

Is Netflix free with Vodafone postpaid?

NEW DELHI: Vodafone Red postpaid customers can now avail free subscription to Netflix for one year. The free subscription is applicable only on Red plans of Rs 1299 and above. … In addition to free Netflix subscription, Vodafone’s Rs 1299 Red postpaid plan offers unlimited calls on home network.

How can I convert my Vodafone postpaid to prepaid?

Vodafone Postpaid To Prepaid Conversion – How To Change Postpaid To Prepaid Vodafone?Step 1: Visit the nearest Vodafone Store. … Step 2: Ask for Postpaid to Prepaid Migration Form & Fill in Necessary Details. … Step 3: Pay Your Dues. … Step 4: Submit the filled form at the Vodafone outlet along with required documents.More items…•