Quick Answer: Who Killed Jenna PLL?

How did Spencer get shot?

Spencer was shot in a drive-by, so he had to be a gang banger.

That meant instead of giving him the treatment he needed, the doctor ordered a tox screening to see what drugs he was on and one nurse questioned whether they should waste blood on him..

Who blew up Toby’s house PLL?

PLL showrunner I. Marlene King cleared up other huge mysteries in a new interview, including who tried to drown Jenna, who blew up Toby’s house and much more! Now that we know “A’”s identity to be CeCe Drake (A.K.A. Charles DiLaurentis who transitioned into Charlotte and became CeCe), the chips are falling into place.

Who dug up Alison’s grave?

Grunwald? She dug out Alison. Bethany was dug out later in Season 3 (they still thought it was Alison). It was Mona, she confirmed it at some point, but it was under the orders of a blonde in a red coat.

Did Jenna die in PLL?

Unfortunately, before Aria can ask her what she knows, Jenna is murdered by this “A” and found dead in a ditch in her parents’ backyard. In Wanted, it is revealed that the real Alison DiLaurentis is the new “A” and her murderer.

Who shot Spencer?

Season 7. In “The DArkest Knight”, Spencer is shot by Uber A during the attack by Jenna and Noel.

Who is A and who killed Alison?

Jessica DiLaurentis saw who hit Alison with a rock, and subsequently buried her daughter alive, believing she was dead. In “Game Over, Charles”, it was revealed that Charlotte hit Alison, mistaking her for Bethany who was going to hurt Jessica.

What is the secret in pretty little liars?

So, we finally now know who A is. Pretty Little Liars unleashed its biggest secret yet in last night’s US episode, revealing that the Liars’ tormentor is none other than CeCe Drake, played by recurring star Vanessa Ray.

Who all died in PLL?

Counting Corpses: A Pretty Little Liars Death TollNoel Kahn. … Sara Harvey. … Archer Dunhill aka Dr. … Charlotte DiLaurentis aka CeCe Drake. … Shana Fring. … Alison DiLaurentis (Bethany Young) … Jessica DiLaurentis. … Garrett Reynolds.More items…•

Does Jenna know who blinded her?

In Unbelievable, when Jenna reveals to Aria her and Ali’s plot to get back at Toby, she says that despite her loss of vision, she has no regrets. In the TV show, Jenna knows that Ali and her crew are responsible for her blindness but keeps her mouth shut to hide the secret about her relationship with Toby.

Why did Toby take the blame for the Jenna thing?

Clearing up “The Jenna Thing” Ali claimed Toby was spying on them in their bedrooms and went to throw that firecracker in the garage because she said Toby was in there. Did she see Jenna too? Jenna was blinded and Ali forced Toby to take the blame.

WHO IS A in season 1?

1. Mona Vanderwaal: leader of the A pack in seasons one and two. 2. Charlotte DiLaurentis, aka CeCe Drake, formerly Charles DiLaurentis: leader of the A pack in seasons three, four, five, and the first half of six.

Who killed who PLL?

Alison Dilaurentis killed Ian Thomas when he was trying to kill Spencer. Mona Vanderwaal killed Bethany Young and Melissa Hastings buried her alive, Bethany Young killed Marion Cavanaugh, Toby Cavanaugh’s mom Detective Wilden killed Garret Reynolds, Hanna Marin killed Elliott Rollins (real name: Archer Dunhill).

Is Jenna part of the A team?

The A-Team members revealed are CeCe, Mona, Toby, Spencer, Sara, Lucas and Melissa. … It was implied in “A Dark Ali” that Melissa was one of “A’s” workers. Melissa, Jenna, and Shana are all seen working together and conversing about the Lodge party in “A DAngerous GAme”, suggesting that they are members.

Does Alexa get with Spencer?

Spencer Walker Spencer meets Alexa at the Wellard Children’s Hospital gift shop when she goes in for her last appointment. … However, Alexa says that she doesn’t like him as more than a friend. Crushed, Spencer doesn’t talk to her until “Panic! At the Putt Putt”, where the pair share a kiss and become a couple.

Why did Mona faked her death?

In the second half of the season, it is revealed that Mona never believed Alison was “A” and that she faked her death as part of “A’s” plan to get Alison into jail, so that she could find out their true identity.

Why did Melissa kill Bethany?

Melissa then stumbled upon Bethany’s seemingly dead body, but believed it was Alison and that Spencer had murdered her. In order to protect Spencer, Melissa pushed Bethany in an open grave beside her body and buried her in it.

Who shot Ezra Fitz?

ShanaEzra’s Shooter is a character who first appears in “A is for Answers”. After The Liars reunited with Alison in New York City, Shana followed them and tried to shoot them with a gun, but Ezra appeared and was shot instead.

Why did Shana shoot Ezra?

She reveals that it’s for Jenna and because of how horrible of a person Alison was. Aria sneaks in, having been at the hospital with Ezra, who told her that it was Shana and whacks Shana with a gun, causing her to fall from the stage to her death.