Quick Answer: Which Is The Best Gun In Free Fire 2020?

Which is the best long range gun in free fire?

0 Comments.1 – Best Long Range Gun In Free Fire: AWM.

2 – Best Long Range Gun In Free Fire: Kar98k.

3 – Best Long Range Gun In Free Fire: GROZA.

4 – Best Long Range Gun In Free Fire: AK.

5 – Best Long Range Gun In Free Fire: M4A1.

6 – Best Long Range Gun In Free Fire: FAMAS.

7 – Best Long Range Gun In Free Fire: SCAR.


Which is the best character in Free Fire 2020?

Top 10 characters in Free Fire: Pick the most suitable oneDj Alok. DJ Alok in Free Fire. … A124. A124 in Free Fire. … Jota. Jota in Free Fire. … Steffie. Steffie in Free Fire. … Wolfrahh. Wolfraah in Free Fire. … Kapella. Kapella in Free Fire. … Shani. Shani in Free Fire. … Notora. Notora in Free Fire.More items…•

Who is the No 1 Free Fire player in India?

1. TSG Jash – India best Free Fire player. TSG Jash is undeniably one of the top Free Firee players in India.

Is PUBG better or free fire?

PUBG has a larger world and more players than Free Fire. It also requires more time and patience to win. It also has a substantial collection of vehicles, unlike Free Fire. But to give credit where it’s due, Free Fire has smoother gameplay and actually feels like a game.

Why is free fire bad?

Free Fire is a very bad game due to its very bad graphics and hardly any means of gun physics. The guns of Free Fire has no recoil system or the uplifting system. It is like a fantasy Battle Royale game which is very boring.

Which country make free fire?

It was developed by Sea Ltd, a company that origins from Singapore. The current CEO of Garena Free Fire is Forrest Li who is also the founder of the company. Forrest Li was born in China, however, he shifted to Singapore and he is currently a resident of Singapore with citizenship of the country in hand.

Is free fire hack possible?

Yes it can be. And the worst part of this is that the anti cheat measures of garena doesn’t seems to be well developed. One of my friend played with the hacked aimbot version of the same game and didn’t got banned for almost 3 months but at last got banned some days after 3 months.

Who is the No 1 character in free fire?

Alok, a character based on the real-life Brazilian DJ with the same name, is generally considered the strongest character in Free Fire.

Which is the strongest gun in free fire?

Free Fire Best Weapons Guide: Which is the Right Gun For You?AWM. … M60. … AK47. … Scar. … FAMAS. … M4A1. The M4A1 is the most well-balanced assault rifle you can find in Free Fire. … Groza. The Groza is hands down the best assault rifle you’ll find in Free Fire. … M79. The last weapon on our list the M79 grenade launcher.More items…•

Who is God of free fire?

#1 Sudip Sarkar Sudip Sarkar is one of the best Free Fire players in India. A gamer who’s YouTube gaming channel Gyan Gaming has over 2 lakh subscribers, is best known for his headshot and kill percentage.

Is PUBG a copy of free fire?

No it’s not! Garena free fire, Rules of survival and other survival games like them copied from PUBG PC version but the concept of the game is bit copied from FORTNITE BATTLEROYAL.

Who is the fastest character in free fire?

Free Fire Joseph character has the fastest running speed in this game, even faster than Kelly and Caroline.

Who is PUBG God?