Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Existing?

What is insubstantial?


not substantial or real; lacking substance: an insubstantial world of dreams.

not solid or firm; weak; flimsy..

What is the opposite of existent?

Antonyms: lacking, wanting, missing, absent, vanished, devoid, free, nonexistent, nonextant, destitute, barren, innocent. Synonyms: actual, existing, real. real, existent(adj)

What is the opposite of compatible?

Antonyms for compatible improper, antipathetic, inharmonious, antagonistic, unsuited, incompatible, disagreeable, unfitting, unsuitable.

What is the word for not existing?

absence. noun. the fact of something not existing or not being present.

What does inexistent mean?

not existent; having no existence; nonexistent.

What is the meaning of zilch?

zero, nothing: zero, nothing. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about zilch.

What does virtually nonexistent mean?

1. not real, or not present. This word is often used about something that should be present but is not. almost/virtually non-existent: Wildlife is virtually non-existent in this area.

What does nonexistent mean?

not in actual or present: not in actual or present occurrence : not existing …

What can I say instead of nothing?

What is another word for nothing?aughtnilnot anythingvoidlovenullnullitybupkiszotnot a single thing30 more rows

Is it nonexistent or non existent?

Just a hyphen. Non-existent and nonexistent mean exactly the same thing: I.e., something that does not exist; that isn’t there. … Both forms of the word have the same meaning: something that does not exist or is not present.

Is it inexistent or nonexistent?

When used as adjectives, inexistent means nonexistent, whereas nonexistent means not existent.

What is another word for Gone?

What is another word for gone?absentawaytruantwithdrawnastraydecampeddisappeareddisplacedflownsplit39 more rows

What is a made up?

The definition of made up is a person who is wearing lots of cosmetics on his or her face. An example of made up is a woman with lots of blush and lipstick. Made up is defined as something that is not true or that is imaginary.