Quick Answer: What Documents Do You Need For Toys For Tots?

Do Toys for Tots have to be new?

It is important to point out that U.


Marines continually improve the Toys for Tots program.

For example, from 1947 through 1979, Marines distributed new and used toys at Christmas.

Since Christmas 1980, Marines have distributed only new toys.

This can only come in the form of a new toy..

Do Toys for Tots accept stuffed animals?

New and unwrapped toys are accepted. Please no clothes, stuffed animals, realistic weapons (Nerf guns are OK) or religious items.

Is it too late to donate to Toys for Tots?

Marine Toys for Tots Foundation It’s not too late! … Donate to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation in their honor and help us give a little bit of Christmas to millions of less fortunate children!

What documents do I need for Toys for Tots?

Families have to register each year to be considered for a donation, and it can be a quick process, as long as you have the right documents- a government-issued ID, a paper with your address, and maybe most important of all, a birth certificate for your kids.

How do people get involved with Toys for Tots?

Go to the website http://www.toysfortots.org/.Click on the button entitled Donate or Request a Toy, at the top of the screen.Near the bottom of the page you’ll see a message that says, “If you would like to apply for assistance from Marine Toys for Tots this Christmas CLICK HERE.”More items…

How many toys do you get from Toys for Tots?

books are also needed (children receive 2 toys each and 3 books count as ONE gift!)

Do I Wrap Toys for Tots presents?

We do not wrap the toys, however, we do try and provide wrapping paper for the parents. Unwrapped presents supports and lets the parents decide their children’s Christmas by either wrapping and put them under the tree, leave them as gifts from Santa or maybe a little of both.

Who does Toys for Tots go to?

Toys for Tots is a program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve which distributes toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas. The program was founded in 1947 by reservist Major Bill Hendricks.

Where can I sign up to get free toys for Christmas?

Here are some ways you can get toys this year for little or no cost.Toys for Tots. Each year, Toys for Tots collects and donates toys to children of families in need. … The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army supports a nationwide drive to provide gifts and toys to low-income families. … Make a Wish.

How do I get toys for tots for my kid?

Sign a Family Up for Toys for TotsGo to the Toys for Tots website.Click on the Request Toys link at the top of the page.From here you will be directed to a drop-down menu. … Once you have a selected a state and county, you will be presented with a name of the person in charge of the local campaign center along with a link.

Can you still sign up for Toys for Tots?

Toy applications are accepted and managed by the Local Marine Toys for Tots Campaign in your area. The Foundation does not have the ability to take toy applications for families and non-profits at the National level. Please contact your Local Marine Toys for Tots Campaign for information on how to apply for assistance.

What is the age group for Toys for Tots?

Q: What ages are supported by Toys for Tots? Most campaign sites are able to assist children up to age 12, but in many local communities, local support is such that the age limit may be extended. Check with your local campaign for age limits.