Question: Why Did Spotify Delete All My Playlists?

Can I still listen to downloaded Spotify songs without premium?

Yes that is correct, as soon as your premium expires, you will not have access to any offline content you downloaded when you had premium, since offline playlists are a premium only feature.

You can however stream those tracks from Spotify again if you are online..

How do I delete my free Spotify account?

At the About Us page, click on the Contact Us link in the Customer Service section. At the Contact Spotify page, click on the Account category. At the next page, click on the topic for “I want to close my Spotify account permanently.” At the next page to Permanently Close Account, click Close Account.

Why is Spotify always downloading?

This can happen if you use a power-saving or cache-clearing app that suddenly removes the Spotify cached data. In order to solve this one, it’s best to remove your device from offline devices here. Then reinstall the app just to be sure and download your music again.

Why have all my Spotify playlists disappeared?

Re: My playlists disappeared If you go onto while logged in, on the side bar menu towards the bottom will be a “recover playlists” button. When you click that button you should see all of your playlists and be able to get them back.

Does Spotify delete your playlists?

Re: spotify has deleted my playlists Your playlists will be left on your account no matter what subscription plan you are on.

Where did all my Spotify songs go?

First, click the “Playlists” tab. Once you’re there, go to the “Liked Songs” playlist, where all of your downloaded songs live. (All the songs that you’ve downloaded are automatically “liked,” so it makes some sort of sense that this is where they’d be found, but it’s still confusing.)

How do I permanently delete a Spotify playlist?

Click on “Playlists” in the left side panel. Click on the playlist I want to delete. At the Top of the page, under the playlist title, click on the ellipsis (three dots) and select “delete”. Done.

What happens if I delete my Spotify account?

If you close your account, you won’t be able to use your current username with Spotify again; you can, however, create a new account with the same email address. Additionally, you won’t have access to your playlists and followers anymore. You’ll also lose all the music you’ve saved to your library.

Does Cancelling Spotify Premium delete playlists?

Don’t worry, you’ll lose your offline content, you’ll keep all your playlists after cancelling Premium. Your account will be reverted to a Free ad-based service after any remaining Premium time runs out.

How do I recover a deleted playlist on Spotify?

Recover deleted playlistsLog in to your account page.Click Recover playlists in the menu on the left.Click RESTORE by the playlist you want to recover.Open Spotify and find the restored playlist at the bottom of your playlist collection.

Why did my Spotify downloads disappear?

There are a few possible reasons why your downloads might have been removed: You’ve downloaded music to more than 3 devices. You haven’t been online with Spotify at least once in the last 30 days. You’ve recently reinstalled the app (doing so automatically removes downloaded tracks from your device).

How long does Spotify keep deleted playlists?

Spotify doesn’t specify how long it keeps erased playlists around for, but we’ve seen ones that are six months old. Click Recover next to the playlist you want to bring back, and as if by magic, it’s restored to your account.

Can I delete my Spotify account and make a new one?

Yes, when you delete yoru current account and create a new one, you should be able to use the same email address and credit card details. Keep in mind that you can only delete your account once your subscription reverts to free.

Why can’t I delete songs from my Spotify playlist?

You can make changes to your Spotify playlists at any time, including removing songs you don’t want anymore. … And remember, of course, that you can only remove songs from playlists that you’ve created or have editing access for. You can’t delete songs from a playlist that you have no permission to edit.