Question: Why Can’T I Log Into My Messenger?

How do I recover my messenger account?

To recover an old account:Go to the profile of the account you’d like to recover.Click below the cover photo.Select Find Support or Report Profile.Choose Something Else, then click Next.Click Recover this account and follow the steps..

Why is my Messages app not working?

The conflicts between the old caches and the new Android version will cause errors including message app error. So you can go to clear the message app’s cache and data to fix the “message app not working” issue. The following are the steps to clear caches and data: … Find the SMS app and then clear cache and data.

How can I access my messages without installing Messenger?

Viewing Facebook Messages On Your Mobile Device Or Tablet Without Using The Facebook AppInstall Chrome on your device. … Open the context menu within Chrome and check the box next to “Request Desktop Site”Reload the page and you should see the desktop site.Log in.More items…

Where are the settings for Messenger?

You can learn how to change your Facebook Messenger settings by following a few steps.Open the Messenger application on your Android device.Press the menu button on your phone.Tap the “Settings” option.Tap the “Alerts” item to set Alerts as “On” or “Off.”More items…

What is the new update of messenger?

(Pocket-lint) – Facebook is rolling out an update to Facebook Messenger that removes the Discover tab (where one would normally go to find chatbots), while also changing how you find GIFs or stickers to send in a conversation. Here’s what’s new for the mobile messaging app.

Why can’t I log into Messenger on my phone?

I’m having trouble updating my Messenger for Android app. … Uninstall and reinstall your Messenger app from the Google Play Store. Update your Google Play Store app. Log out of your Google account on your device and then log in again.

How can I fix my messenger problem?

If your messaging app stops, how do you fix it?Go into your home screen and then tap on the Settings menu.Scroll down and then tap on the Apps selection.Then scroll down to the Message app in the menu and tap on it.Then tap on the Storage selection.You should see two options; Clear Data and Clear Cache. Tap on both.

Why can’t I log into my messenger?

If you’re having trouble logging into Messenger, please make sure that you have the most up-to-date version of the Messenger app installed. … If you can’t log into Messenger or your general Facebook account, get help with account login and password issues.

How do I update messenger?

Go to the app store for your device and do a search on Facebook Messenger. Click on Facebook Messenger; if there are updates available, there will be an Update button (or if it’s not installed, you’ll have the opportunity to do so).

Can I log into someone’s messenger without them knowing?

How can you log into someone’s Facebook Messenger without them knowing and see secret conversations? … You would need their password to log into their messenger account. If they’re not bright enough to continually change their password to prevent people from logging in then so be it.

How can I recover my messenger account without Facebook?

Download the Facebook Messenger app, select the “Not on Facebook?” option, and enter your phone number and name. That’s it. You can upload and send photos, videos, start group chats, and use voice and video calling without ever having to sign up for a Facebook account.

Why is Messenger not showing messages?

Choose “My Apps.” If you’re not running the most recent version of Messenger, it’ll be listed under “Updates.” Tap the app and select “Update.” Also check the settings on your Messenger app, to ensure that you’ve set up notifications — its possible that your messages are arriving, but that your phone isn’t sending …