Question: Is Outside Food Allowed In Taj Hotel?

Can I pay cash at Travelodge?

You must be able to show photo identification (a driver’s licence, passport or national ID card) and a valid credit or debit card if you are paying by cash for a pay on arrival or walk-in booking at a Travelodge hotel..

What should I wear to a 5 star hotel?

A good rule of thumb to observe is to dress in smart casual business attire. Hanson suggests that a smart pair of chinos or slacks paired with collared shirt should do the trick. Obviously, restaurants in a 5-star hotel are as fancy and lavish, if not twice, as the hotel itself.

Can I book Oyo room for few hours?

Oyo rooms doesn’t allow you to book hotels for few hours . But it is possible with only Brevistay. This online hotel booking company allows you to book hotels by hour 3h/6h/12h . Here you can choose your own check in time .

Is alcohol allowed in Oyo?

Alcohol is not allowed at OYO.

Can you bring outside food to hotel?

Obviously you will not allow them to check your personal belongings(so it is really easy for take outside food with you into the room) and secondly what you do in your room is none of their business until and unless it is something illegal or disturbs the disciple in hotel.

Does Oyo allow outside food?

Yes, you can order your food from outside if hotel allow you in which you are staying sometime they will not allow you due to concern of your Safety and Security but maximum hotels will allow you to order from outside. Oyo only gives you Room to stay at affordable prices.

Can I bring food into Travelodge?

over a year ago. Hi you can take food to your room and you can get food yourself in the bar at the hotel, breakfast at the hotel is buffet style and excellent. … You can’t have room service but can take hot food to your room. over a year ago.

Can you order pizza to a hotel room?

In short YES you can. Call your favorite nearby pizza place and let them know which hotel you are staying at, and see if they will deliver to it. … Sometimes the front desk may call you to confirm before sending the delivery person up to your room. Sometimes you may need to go down to the lobby to get your pizza.

Does Oyo accept college ID?

Do OYO rooms allow one to check-in with a college ID? … No, you would not get check-in by showing your college ID. Original valid government issued address ID proofs are valid.

Can you leave beer bottles in a hotel room?

They absolutely do. Any food or booze is pretty much free for housekeeping to take unless company policy states otherwise but honestly they would probably take it anyway. … If it was a full open bottle of liquor I would take it but not open wine or beer. It’s amazing how much money people would waste.

Can I order food to a hotel room?

As a general rule, if the hotel has their own room service or even dining facilities, then they are usually against ordering in. If they don’t offer these services, they are often ok with you ordering in from a 3rd party. … They do not have their own room service, so it is pretty common to order external food.

Can you go to hotel bar without staying?

Can you go to a hotel bar without staying at the hotel? Well, yes. Most hotel bars, at least the fancy, five-star ones, are so expensive, they are happy for every customer who wanders into their premises.

Is it illegal to drink in a hotel room?

Drinking in hotel rooms not illegal, says Excise Minister. Excise Minister K. Babu has said that drinking legally purchased liquor in hotel rooms booked in the consumer’s name cannot be deemed as unlawful. … There was no law banning the consumption of liquor in the privacy of one’s own home, he said.

Can you take hotel breakfast to your room?

Yes, it is normally proper etiquette and totally fine to take trays of food from the buffet back to your room. The rule to live by would be: when in doubt, ask. Some hotels provide a buffet breakfast, or even a cooked breakfast, that comes with the price of the room.

Is outside food allowed in 5 star hotels?

Outside food and beverages are allowed in hotels. Usually in 5 star hotels, they have an X-Ray baggage scanner. If you tell the person there that you are carrying food or drinks, including alcohol, they will not scan those packets. No one will bar you from taking those inside.

What time does Travelodge stop serving food?

5pm-10pmDinner served in the Restaurant and Bar from 5pm-10pm every day. Simply choose what you fancy then place your order and pay at the bar.

Can you take hotel bar drinks to your room?

Anyway, they do collect from the corridor (not from the room),but I think it will be too hard if they will have to collect many, but it’s up to you. Enjoy your stay, it’s a wonderful hotel! over a year ago. … Hi theres no problem to take drinks back to your room.

Can I take a girl to hotel?

No, there is no law that prohibits unmarried couples from staying together or checking-into a hotel.