Is PUBG Good Or Not?

Is PUBG harmful or not?

Credits: PUBG Mobile is extremely violent in its gameplay.

Notably, the Chinese government has taken a strong stance against the game on grounds of the violence, which it promotes.

This violent, nihilistic game often leads to aggression among young gamers, which causes quarrels and fights in real life..

Should I play PUBG or not?

Both games feature the shrinking circle around a playable area, so being able to travel long distances quickly is an absolute must. Because the PUBG map is so large, players are able to drive cars, motorcycles and even boats to get inside the circle, a luxury not afforded to Fortnite players.

Is PUBG still worth buying 2019?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has long lost the spotlight to Fortnite, and yet it’s still in the best shape of its life.

Is PUBG banned in India?

PUBG is Ban in India – The Battle Royal video game; PUBG is one of the most played game among youngers. Earlier, we knew that the Indian Govt had banned 59 Chinese Apps in India. As per the latest news, the Indian Govt has decided to ban 47 apps, and the list of the apps to be banned will be released soon.

Can PUBG cause death?

The autopsy report stated, “It seems the stroke occurred because the victim was over-excited while playing online game PUBG. The post mortem report has stated intracerebral bleeding with brain tissue necrosis as the cause of death.”

Is PUBG Haram?

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – An Islamic religious authority in the Kurdistan Region on Wednesday ruled it ‘Haram’ (forbidden) to play the online multiplayer game PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG) for more than ‘a few minutes’ a day, or if playing it impedes daily responsibilities.

Should I buy PUBG 2020?

Your call in the end but not recommended to buy it in 2020. Better games out there to invest money in. … It takes a lot of time to find a game and still the map is full of bots. Get PUBG PC Lite instead.

Is PUBG losing popularity?

PUBG rapidly losing users. PUBG enjoyed two highly successful years after its release in 2017. … Having hit the 50 million mark in terms of units sold, PUBG has started losing its players gradually since the start of 2019, especially on Steam. In January of 2019, PUBG had an excess of 1.084 million players, just on Steam …