How Do I Appeal An ITE Course?

Can Nitec go to Poly?

To be eligible for admission consideration, applicants holding Nitec or Higher Nitec qualifications must achieve the following Grade Point Average (GPA).

Applicants who are currently taking the Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP) with a GPA ≥ 2.5 / ≥3.0 will be able to apply for mapped courses..

How do I retrieve lost certificates?

Go to the nearest police station and file a complaint mentioning the loss of the certificate and the details of the certificate. Get a copy of the FIR. Report to the University. Publish in the newspaper informing the loss of the marklist or certificate.

What does Nitec stand for?

National Institute of Technical Education CertificateDefinition. NITEC. National Institute of Technical Education Certificate.

Can N level Go Higher Nitec?

Eligible GCE ‘N’ (Academic) Level holders may apply for Higher Nitec courses under the JIE ‘H’ and Nitec courses under the JIE ‘N’. However, if you are offered a Higher Nitec course under the JIE ‘H’, you will not be offered a Nitec course under the JIE ‘N’.

How do I appeal ITE Higher Nitec?

To appeal, follow the steps below. To check your appeal result, login to with your NRIC/FIN and Password. For appellants who have accepted the posted course but are not successful in their transfer, they will remain in the course and ITE College which they have accepted.

What happens if you lose your ITE certification?

e-Services. ITE does not issue duplicate copies of a certificate. If you have misplaced or damaged your certificate(s), you can apply for a Certified Statement which certifies the ITE certificate(s) awarded. You can also apply for a copy of the Statement of Results or Academic Transcript.

What is ITE certificate?

Established by Ministry of Education, it was formerly known as Vocational and Industrial Training Board (VITB). ITE has three colleges that offer the National ITE Certificate (NITEC), Higher NITEC, and Technical Diploma and Work-Study Diploma.

What should I do after Higher Nitec?

Higher Nitec graduates with a relevant GPA can also apply for admission to the first year of a related diploma course at the polytechnics. For some diploma courses in the Engineering / IT field, Higher Nitec graduates with a GPA ≥ 3.5 may be admitted directly to the second year of training.

What do I do if I lost my A level certificates?

If you have no idea where to start, you could:contact your school where you took the exams, tell them the year you left school, and what subjects you took. … ask any old school friends you’re still in contact with if they still have their certificates, as the awarding body information will be details on those.

Is Nitec higher than O level?

With effect from 20 Sep 2012, CEA has decided to recognise Higher NITEC qualification as equivalent to 4 GCE “O” level passes. … NITEC qualification is not considered as equivalent to 4 GCE “O” level passes. For applicants who have NITEC qualification, they can take the WPLN assessments from WDA.

Can normal technical Go Higher Nitec?

Complete your 4 years of Secondary school in normal tech, progress to ITE and complete 2 years of course. … But from ITE (NITEC) progressing to Poly, you would require at least 3.5 and above GPA points. Any lesser, you will only be able to progress to Higher Nitec, which is another 2 years of ITE.