Can I Take A Bath After RF Treatment?

Is RF treatment effective?

Radiofrequency in FDA-cleared non-surgical tissue tightening is highly controlled for your safety.

Clinical studies have demonstrated an excellent safety profile on RF procedures for skin tightening, whether it be for vaginal rejuvenation, facial skin tightening, or body contouring..

Is it safe to use RF everyday?

However, there is no conclusive evidence that RF exposure increases cancer risk in humans, even in people regularly exposed to higher amounts of RF for their jobs. Both the American Cancer Society and Federal Communications Commission have issued extensive reports on possible impact of radiofrequency exposure.

How long does it take for RF to work?

Q: How long will it take to see results from Secret RF? A: Collagen production and remodelling are seen after 4-6 weeks but coThe protocol is at least three treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart. Most people will see significant improvement after 4-6 treatments.

What should I do after RF treatment?

Post treatment care (3-7 days) after treatmentDrink 6-8 cups of water daily.No sunbathing, saunas, hot baths.No alcoholic beverages (for at least 2 days)Use sun protection cream.

How often should you do RF treatment?

For best results, we recommend clients schedule RF facial treatments once a month for six to eight months. After this initial period, you can reduce the frequency to about once every several months or even once a year.

What should you do before RF treatment?

Include a good cleansing and moisturising routine morning and night for at least 2 weeks prior to beginning your Fractional RF rejuvenation treatments. We also recommend you begin using a tyrosinase inhibitor (vitamin C) serum at least 2 weeks before your first Fractional RF treatment to ensure even skin tone.